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Banner Running Bull AGM 605 01 Car Battery

RM 1,750.00

By 2018, over 70 percent of all new vehicles will be fitted with an engine start/stop function, in order to achieve the CO2 limitation targets set by the EU by means of sustained fuel consumption savings and emission reductions. A combination of top starting performance and high cyclical resistance makes Running Bull AGM batteries ideal power packages, which safely master the extreme loads caused by multiple starts and the permanent charging and discharging processes in micro-hybrid vehicles.

Running Bull is used currently for first fitting by Mercedes Benz, Porsche, BMW Audi, VW and Volvo

Technical Data and Information

- Valve-regulated AGM Battery
- 3x greater cycle resistance than standard batteries
- leak-proof due to electrolyte bonding into an absorbent glass mat
- Zero maintenance due to recombination technology
- Highest V3 vibration resistance pursuant to EN 50342-1
- Maximum starting performance due to the very low internal resistance
- Installation in a lateral position possible (max. 90' angle)
- Flexible use as a starter and on-board power supply battery

Banner Running Bull AGM 605 01
20hr AH: 105
Cold discharge test current EN (A): 950
Max Length: 394mm
Max Width: 175mm
Max Height: 190mm