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Real-Time Tire Pressure Monitor | 1 Year Local Supplier Warranty

Prevent Imbalance Pressure

Different tire pressure in one of the tires may result to uneven adjusted brakes that causes one tire to drag more than the other and the tread of that tire wears out more. TPMS helps drivers to maintain proper tire pressure, this aid indirectly improves the life span of tires evenly.

Fuel Efficient

Keeping the tire either over or underinflated are termed as ill-car-handling. An underinflated tire will consume more fuel as the engine works harder to keep the tires moving. NHTSA study found that underinflated tires lower fuel consumption by 0.3% for every 1psi (pound/square inch) drop in pressure.

Prevent Flat Tire

Tires in tropical country tend to have shorter lifespan due to long term exposure to sunlight and warmer environment. Poor maintenance and infrequent usage may lead to tire leakage. This is when TPMS plays an important role by warning drivers any abnormal tire pressure to prevent flat tire.

Reduce Tire Wear

It is important to not have the tires under or overinflate, as it can cause your tire tread to wear out unevenly. Without even tread, it is possible for the driver to loss control when driving in high speed. Maintaining the tires at a normal pressure will significantly improve tire wear reduction.

Prevent Tire Bursting

Tire loses about 1lbf/in2 (pound/square inch) of pressure each month and 1 in 4 cars have at least one underinflated tire. This will result to sidewalls of your tire begin to fold over and rub together which will slowly damage your tire. TPMS warns you of abnormal pressure before the liner of the tire is worn off, this prevents tire bursting.

Mandatory Countries

According to NHTSA, about 700 people die from in tire-related crashes every year. To drive the number down, it is mandatory for all new EU cars to be equipped with TPMS beginning from 2012. While US vehicles made after 2017 are equipped with TPMS, it will alert drivers when tire pressure is 25% below safety level.

Blaupunkt Tire Pressure Monitoring System lets you to travel with ease


Blaupunkt Tire Pressure Monitoring System aids in helping the car driver to monitor the tire pressure level in the car at all times. This prevents unexpected flat tire and for a safer drive.


Operating frequency 433.92MHz
Battery voltage 1.8V ~ 3.3V
Battery lifetime 1-year
Operating temperature -20°C ~ 60°C
Pressure range 0~3.5 Bar / 0~50 PSI

Operating frequency 433.92MHz
Operating voltage 12 +/- 3V
Operating temperature -20°C ~ 70°C

Default value
High pressure value 3.0 Bar / 43 PSI
Low pressure value 1.8 Bar / 26 PSI
High temperature value 68°C ~ 80°C

Temperature +/-2°C
Pressure 0.1 Bar / 1.5 PSI
Air pressure unit 1 Bar = 14.5 PSI = 100 Kpa = 1.02Kgf/cm2