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1 Year Local Manufacturer Limited Warranty | 100% Genuine | Supplied by Official Malaysia Distributor  

Audio Receiver with MIXTRAX, Built-in Bluetooth®, and Direct Control for iPhone and Certain Android Phones 

Big In Entertainment Value

Pioneer’s 2019 audio receivers are jam-packed with innovative features, giving you one of the best mobile entertainment experiences and superb value from the leader in aftermarket car audio. With various models to choose from, there is a solution to meet the diverse needs of today’s smart drivers.


Pioneer Smart Sync
Pioneer Smart Sync is an a highly evolved technology that links your smartphone to Pioneer car audio and entertainment systems. Fully utilizing the power of your smartphone, it expands, evolves and furthers the enjoyment of every moment you spend in your car.

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31-Band Graphic EQ
With Pioneer Smart Sync’s software, drivers are able to have full control over their car’s sound – with up to 31 bands of EQ available for adjustment. Pioneer Smart Sync’s granular interface allows audiophiles to precisely zoom in to each band and adjust specific sections of the audio curve to their liking with a simple tap or a swipe of the finger.

Dynamic Bass Enhancer
Enjoy punchier bass notes and more engaging sound at the touch of a button with the new Dynamic Bass Enhancer function, complete with two adjustable levels of enhancement to cater to different music genres.
Hear and feel the difference!

Karaoke Vocal Cancel
“Vocal Cancel*” is a new feature in the Karaoke function designed to remove the vocals from music. This is an enhancement of the Mic Mix feature of 2018 models. Applicable sources: CD, iPhone, USB, Bluetooth Audio, Pioneer Smart Sync App, Spotify®

* Depending on the mix of the music, some traces of the vocal track may remain.

13-Band Graphic EQ
With the 13-Band Graphic Equalizer, you will be able to adjust acoustic settings in greater detail, according to your preferences.

New Preset EQ
Two new EQ presets feature curves that adapt the audio characteristics of a song to particular musical genres.

DYNAMIC : Elevated BASS and TREBLE with moderately recessed mid-range
is an ideal match to POP and ROCK music.

VIVID : Enhanced mid-to-high range is ideal for bass-boosted music and
soundstage reproduction.

Larger 2-Line VA LCD Display
Easier to read from different angles, the display’s well aligned dots ensure sharp and legible text. The App icon allows you to check the Pioneer Smart Sync app connection status at a glance.

Built-in Bluetooth®
A Pioneer receiver with Built-in Bluetooth Wireless Technology not only makes Bluetooth hands-free function easy and safe to operate while driving—it also extends your enjoyment of wireless audio control and streaming.

Pioneer applied its unique expertise to keep car entertainment flowing smoothly without interruption, so you can experience the intimate euphoria of listening to music that sounds as if a club DJ is there playing it.

Support FLAC Codec
New Pioneer audio receiver upgrades in-car audio with amazingly brilliant reproduction of sound by FLAC files surpass CD tracks in terms of playback audio quality.

* For the files stored in USB thumb drive.

Works With Spotify
Spotify® gives you instant access to millions of songs. With support for Spotify®, you can control the Spotify® app on your smartphone via your car receiver’s interface.

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USB Quick Charge for Android™ (CDP)
Pioneer’s new audio receiver has a charging downstream port (CDP) providing up to 1.5 amperes to give an Android smartphone a quick charge. Note:

* CS model only - available for models DEH-S1150UB, DXT-S1169UB and DXT-S116UB

Direct Control
Take advantage of a wired USB connection to the receiver. Sound stays clean and clear, and song, artist, time and album displays are user-friendly.


DisplayVA LCD 2-Line (13)
AUX InputFront
USB Interface*1Front (2)
Maximum Power Output50W x 4
Control for iPod/iPhone *3Yes (iPhone only)
Control for Android *3Yes
SD/SDHC Memory Card SlotNo
MIXTRAX / Flashing Color*4-
Music BrowserNo
Color Customization*5No
Advanced Sound RetrieverYes

(1) Pioneer cannot guarantee compatibility with all USB mass storage devices and assumes no responsibility for any loss of data on media players, smart phones, or other devices while using receiver.
(2) Please use CD-U50E USB extension cable if a direct connection causes a USB device to protrude from the receiver in a way that can interfere with driving.
(3) Compatibility with unit depends on iPod, iPhone or Android generation. Requires use of CD-IU51 or CD-IU52 (for iPod, iPhone) and CD-MU200 (for Android).
(4) Works with music from iPod, SD/SDHC memory card and USB device
(5) 210, 000 colors (separated). Colors for key illumination and display are separately adjustable.